Ophir Pass


The Ophir Pass Pass Trail is located between Silverton and Telluride, Colorado, off of US Hwy 550.  This trail is actually the return route to US 550 (and back to Silverton or Ouray) after driving the Black Bear Pass Trail.  The Ophir Pass "trailhead", as mapped below, begins in downtown Telluride.  Continue West on SR 145 for about 3 miles, then left on Hwy 145 South.  The left turn onto Ophir Pass Road (630 Rd) is approximately 5 miles.  As I remember, it was poorly marked and hard to find, so keep a sharp look out.  Ranging in elevation from around 8,800 feet (in Telluride) to 11,800 (at Ophir Pass), the trail takes you through the town of Ophir, up and over Ophir Pass, and dumps you out on US Hwy 550 (about 5 miles South of the Black Bear Pass turn-off).  There aren't any obstacles on this trail; just a nice scenic drive back to the highway.   Ophir Pass is between Waypoints OP01-12 and OP01-13, at an elevation of 11,800 feet.  The trail is nearly 20 miles one way; but remember, the first 10 miles is paved road (Hwy 145).  It will still take you about 3 hours or so to reach Hwy 550 from Telluride.

Difficulty Rating:  One (1) Easy
(based on my personal rating scale on the Trails Page)

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Here are a couple shots from the Ophir Pass Trail.
On the left, a pleasant drive through a majestic stand of Aspens.
On the right is the Colorado State Flower, the Columbine.

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Cumm. Dist.









N37 56.362

W107 49.044



1.46 mi

1.46 mi

296 (WNW)

N37 56.910

W107 50.490



1.59 mi

3.05 mi

276 (W)

N37 57.050

W107 52.233



0.80 mi

3.85 mi

220 (SW)

N37 56.519

W107 52.801



1.92 mi

5.77 mi

186 (S)

N37 54.860

W107 53.036



0.62 mi

6.39 mi

220 (SW)

N37 54.448

W107 53.480



1.79 mi

8.18 mi

174 (S)

N37 52.903

W107 53.269



1.79 mi

9.97 mi

145 (SE)

N37 51.626

W107 52.147



2.32 mi

12.30 mi

98 (E)

N37 51.358

W107 49.616



1.70 mi

13.99 mi

80 (E)

N37 51.606

W107 47.776



0.57 mi

14.57 mi

114 (ESE)

N37 51.400

W107 47.202



0.36 mi

14.93 mi

172 (S)

N37 51.091

W107 47.149



0.77 mi

15.70 mi

91 (E)

N37 51.075

W107 46.302



0.47 mi

16.16 mi

127 (SE)

N37 50.833

W107 45.891



0.19 mi

16.35 mi

263 (W)

N37 50.813

W107 46.093



0.22 mi

 16.57 mi

112 (ESE)

N37 50.740

W107 45.872



0.53 mi

17.10 mi

78 (ENE)

N37 50.838

W107 45.304



0.37 mi

17.47 mi

103 (ESE)

N37 50.766

W107 44.906



0.67 mi

18.14 mi

81 (E)

N37 50.854

W107 44.176



0.32 mi

18.46 mi

105 (ESE)

N37 50.782

W107 43.837



0.40 mi

18.86 mi

35 (NE)

N37 51.070

W107 43.582



0.26 mi

19.13 mi

154 (SSE)

N37 50.864

W107 43.457

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