Off Broadway


The Off Broadway Trail is located about 20 miles Northwest of Las Cruces. To get to the trailhead, take I-10 West out of Las Cruces and take the Airport Exit (# 132). Continue traveling west on the frontage road for approximately 4 miles. Turn right onto the paved road with the arched sign above that says "Carralitos Ranch". Follow the main road northbound for about 6.75 miles; then turn left at the intersection. Travel northwest for approximately 11.8 miles, through several "dips" in the paved road. Turn right onto the dirt road, go through the gate (please close the gate after the last person is through), and air down (the dirt road is really rough). Proceed northeast; the trailhead is less then 2 miles away, at Waypoint OB12. Ranging in elevation from approximately 4,700 feet to 4,900 feet, the trail crisscrosses a dry streambed, with a continuous series of large rocks ranging in size from 18 inches to 36 inches in diameter. At Waypoint OB14, the trail follows the canyon to the right; however, there’s also an optional steep climb straight ahead up the side of the hill. The trail is less than 3 miles long and takes about 2 hours to 3 hours or so to complete.

Difficulty Rating:  Three (3) Hard
(based on my personal rating scale on the Trails Page)

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Here are a couple pictures from the Off Broadway Trail, 
which consists of rock, after rock, after rock.  
So in both of these pics, webe crawling over some ROCKS!

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Cumm. Dist.






N32° 28.687'

W107° 6.961'



.08 mi

.08 mi

17° (NNE)

N32° 28.754'

W107° 6.937'



.16 mi

.24 mi

8° (N)

N32° 28.890'

W107° 6.915'



.14 mi

.38 mi

35° (NE)

N32° 28.991'

W107° 6.833'



.08 mi

.46 mi

353° (N)

N32° 29.058'

W107° 6.842'



.09 mi

.55 mi

328° (NNW)

N32° 29.125'

W107° 6.891'



.42 mi

.96 mi

53° (NE)

N32° 29.341'

W107° 6.549'



.30 mi

1.26 mi

30° (NNE)

N32° 29.565'

W107° 6.393'



.21 mi

1.47 mi

46° (NE)

N32° 29.689'

W107° 6.241'



.15 mi

1.62 mi

11° (N)

N32° 29.820'

W107° 6.210'



.14 mi

1.76 mi

349° (NNW)

N32° 29.936'

W107° 6.238'



.13 mi

1.89 mi

274° (W)

N32° 29.944'

W107° 6.375'



.09 mi

1.98 mi

234° (SW)

N32° 29.897'

W107° 6.451'



.49 mi

2.47 mi

210° (SSW)

N32° 29.529'

W107° 6.698'



.03 mi

2.50 mi

257° (WSW)

N32° 29.524'

W107° 6.724'



.03 mi

2.52 mi

171° (S)

N32° 29.501'

W107° 6.720'



.04 mi

2.56 mi

225° (SW)

N32° 29.479'

W107° 6.746'



.06 mi

2.62 mi

186° (S)

N32° 29.427'

W107° 6.752'



.10 mi

2.71 mi

145° (SE)

N32° 29.359'

W107° 6.695'



.09 mi

2.81 mi

169° (SSE)

N32° 29.282'

W107° 6.677'

Notice: Off-highway travel is by its very nature potentially dangerous and could result in property damage, injury, or even death.  If you drive any of the trails on this web site, you acknowledge these risks and assume full responsibility.  You are the final judge as to whether a trail is safe to drive, whether your vehicle is capable of the journey, and whether your skills are up to the challenge.  The publisher of this web site disclaims any and all liability for property damage, bodily injury, or death that could occur to you or any of your passengers.  To the best of my knowledge, the information contained on this page was accurate as of the time I road this trail during the Winter of 2002/2003.   However, things change over time.  And portions of this trail may no longer be legally accessible to motorized vehicles.  Therefore, please be good stewards of our sport--always stay on designated trails . . . and always, always remember to Tread Lightly!

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