Elephant Hill


The Elephant Hill Trail is located about 35 miles SSW of Moab, in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. However, it is a good 2 hours drive from Moab. To get to the trailhead from Moab, take US 191 South to SR 211 (about 39 miles). Turn right onto SR 211 and drive the winding road approximately 31 miles to the Park entrance, where you will have to pay a small fee per vehicle to drive into the park. Proceed into the Squaw Flats Camping Area and follow the signs to the Elephant Hill Trail. Ranging in elevation from only 4,900 to 5,300 feet, the trail contains several steep, narrow, rocky assents and descents. Two of the switchbacks are so tight, they require backing. This is a challenging trail with tons of breathtaking scenery. The trailhead is at the Elephant Hill Picnic Area. Within the trail, primitive camping is available at the Devil’s Kitchen Camp (at waypoint EH07). There are also dozens of miles of hiking trails throughout Chesler Park which really make for a well-rounded off-road adventure. Of all the trails we’ve ridden, this is easily one of our favorites because of all the variety. The trail is a little over 12 miles and takes approximately 3 – 4 hours or so to complete, but with the camping and hiking options available, you could spend days on this trail!

Difficulty Rating:  Two (2) Moderate
(based on my personal rating scale on the Trails Page)

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Here are a couple pictures from the Elephant Hill Trail.  
On the left, posing in front of a massive rock formation, behind which is the Devil's Kitchen primitive camp area. 
On the right are friends, "Joanie the Spotter" directing husband, Dave, down a series of ledges in his Land Cruiser.

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Cumm. Dist.






N38° 8.484’

W109° 49.654'



0.40 mi

0.40 mi

301° (WNW)

N38° 8.662'

W109° 50.027'



0.10 mi

0.50 mi

353° (N)

N38° 8.749'

W109° 50.040'



0.32 mi

0.81 mi

291° (WNW)

N38° 8.847'

W109° 50.367'



0.28 mi

1.09 mi

336° (NNW)

N38° 9.068'

W109° 50.492'



0.51 mi

1.60 mi

291° (WNW)

N38° 9.223'

W109° 51.016'



1.26 mi

2.86 mi

210° (SSW)

N38° 8.275'

W109° 51.703'



0.44 mi

3.30 mi

303° (WNW)

N38° 8.484'

W109° 52.116'



1.80 mi

5.10 mi

203° (SSW)

N38° 7.045'

W109° 52.882'



0.71 mi

5.81 mi

121° (ESE)

N38° '6.725

W109° 52.214'



0.71 mi

6.52 mi

301° (WNW)

N38° 7.039'

W109° 52.888'



1.80 mi

8.32 mi

23° (NNE)

N38° 8.481'

W109° 52.109'



1.16 mi

9.48 mi

15° (NNE)

N38° 9.455'

W109° 51.775'



0.33 mi

9.81 mi

88° (E)

N38° 9.462'

W109° 51.415'



0.31 mi

10.12 mi

88° (E)

N38° 9.470'

W109° 51.074'



0.32 mi

10.44 mi

50° (NE)

N38° 9.650'

W109° 50.799'



0.26 mi

10.70 mi

111° (ESE)

N38° 9.568'

W109° 50.528'



0.20 mi

10.90 mi

175° (S)

N38° '9.395

W109° 50.508'



0.15 mi

11.05 mi

190° (S)

N38° 9.267'

W109° 50.537'



0.17 mi

11.22 mi

136° (SE)

N38° 9.161'

W109° 50.410'



0.13 mi

11.35 mi

217° (SW)

N38° 9.071'

W109° 50.495'



0.28 mi

11.63 mi

156° (SSE)

N38° 8.847'

W109° 50.367'



0.32 mi

11.95 mi

111° (ESE)

N38° 8.747'

W109° 50.043'



0.10 mi

12.05 mi

171° (S)

N38° 8.664'

W109° 50.027'



0.39 mi

12.43 mi

121° (ESE)

N38° 8.489'

W109° 49.660'

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