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Fall Jemez Day Ride

Sep 20, Sat 9:00AM     Meet Point: Walatowa Visitor Center  map

Meet at Walatowa Visitors Center next to the Convenience Store

7504 Hwy 4
Jemez Pueblo, NM

UPDATE: We'll do Virgin Mesa-many overlooks & Amoxiumqua ruins. Haven't run it in a while. It'll be a long day. DO NOT air down at Walatowa.

We'll miss Jen and her Raptor on the trail but we're still going!  (Jen DID show up!!)  I'd like to run down a trail that to my knowledge, NM4W has never run - at least not since I've been a member around 2009 or so. (I heard on the run that Dixon led a run on this trail a few years ago). We'll do Virgin Mesa in the Jemez, check out some overlooks into Canon De San Diego (Jemez Springs, Soda Dam, etc) and see some ruins at the end. A later than usual start for those coming from farther away. Meet at Walatowa Visitor Center next to the gas station, Rt4, Jemez Mts, 9:00AM, Leave at 9:30AM. Bring food, water, full tank of gas, camera, mud boots, dress for weather. Also bring sturdy hiking shoes if you want to take the short hike to the rim from the ruins. The view is incredible and worth the short 1/2 mile round trip. It's a level trek out to the rim. CB radio and recovery points front and back are important. It might be muddy since it's calling for rain later in the week. Stock 4x4s should have no trouble on this one. Must be in good mechanical condition, have good clearance, low range and good tires. DO NOT air down at Walatowa. We'll have 10 miles or so of pavement after leaving Walatowa. Contact me if you have any concerns. Chris S.  505-228-0390

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