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Mount Taylor & Laguna burger run

Jun 24, Sat 8:00AM     Meet Point: San Ysdiro, NM next to Famaily Dollar  map

Team New Mexico  Bill ,Anna & Ross  will be leading a ride up to mount Taylor and back down to I-40 to Laguna Burger for supper and then back to Albuquerque.. This is a all day ride. 80 miles of dirt roads, so if you are  planning  on having your top and doors off, I would recommend a handkerchief or something else to put around your mouth and nose, as I was very  happy I had one and there was only one jeep on the pre-run.This will be a little different from last years run, as we will be going up to a very nice out look of some power windmills and other great outlooks including Mt Taylor radio towers and fire lookout . I spoke to a fire personal that was up there on Sunday and he said we would be more than welcome to go into the fire lookout tower next weekend as long as someone was there. Also there are some great views from up there. Going up to the towers we seen SNOW yes SNOW in shady spots, could not believe it as it was very hot. I would strongly  recommend a CB radio for this ride as there is a lot of wrong turns a person can take and get lost and that is the last thing I want. I am looking forward to this ride and I just done it .This is an easy ride for any stock  Jeep, Land rover, Range rover, Suzuki , Toyota, any stock 4X4, Hope to see you all there, Bring a lunch and plenty of water.

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